Texas Tech Grad Thomas, hard at work bidding out a big project!

Here at WSC White Service Co., we have an amazing estimation and bidding department that can give you an accurate and competitive rate on any project! We lay out your exact needs and go over your requests step-by step to ensure your satisfaction. WSC specializes in projects of all sizes, from residential A/C systems to huge bar tap systems.

This service is commercial and residential alike and completely customizable. Ensuring that you get what you need with a price that fits any budget.

Projects we have completed:

  • Hooters - Abilene
  • Meals on Wheels
  • South Plains Mall Renovations
  • Uloft Apartments
  • Texas Tech University Housing
  • Lone Star Auto Auction
  • Brownfield Fire Station
  • Lubbock Emergency Communications Center

  To contact our bidding department, 

you can send an email to bidding@wscwhite.com

or give us a call at (806) 797-0497 during normal business hours.

Providing Lubbock and the surrounding areas with 24/7 service for your heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration needs since 1995!

(806) 797-0497

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