• South Plains Mall: Barnes & Noble HVAC.

Kitchen Exhaust

  • Texas Tech University: Sbarro kitchen equipment
  • Sherwin Williams
  • ​Red Robin
  • Texas Tech University: Chick-fil-A kitchen equipment​



  • Pizza Hut/Wing Street, kitchen equipment
  • Sherwin Williams

A crane assists in placing 7 rooftop units, a 2-zone cassette mini-split system, and a single-zone mini-split at Godeke Library.

Walk-in Coolers

  • La Madeline​

RTU Installation

All aboard the Polar Express! Adding Freon to cool the cars for the night’s long ride.

  • Red Robin

Regular Maintenance

  • Texas Tech University: Boston Commons walk-in cooler
  • Nicks

RTU installation at La Madeleine

  • Godeke Library
  • South Plains Mall: Oakley and Tilly’s HVAC
  • ​La Madeline
  • South Plains Mall: Preventive Maintenance​
  • Tier 1 college campus residence and dining hall

Preparing for HVAC installation at the Sherwin-Williams store, La Pointe Shopping Center.

  • ​La Madeline


  • Pizza Hut
  • Godeke Library
  • Polar Express